resources on slurs, words you shouldn't use, and why they're offensive.

disclaimer: i am not neurodivergent. i am a lgbtq+ asian poc. as such, i cannot speak for the use of the n word or the r word.
if there are any discrepancies, send me a DM on Twitter or drop me a Tumblr ask.

the r word. (rxtard, x = e)

the n word. (nxgga, x = i)

the b word. (bxaner, x = e)

the other d word. (dxthead, x = o)

the other c word. (cxrrymxncher, x = u)

the f word. (fxggot, x = a)

the c word. (cxxn, x = o)

the d word. (dxke, x = y)

if you just ignored everything above

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